Certificates for domain ownership

Certificates for domain ownership are now being distributed

Domain Names

We have always placed a high priority on creating a positive brand environment. Today, we are excited to announce a new addition tо our brand: domain ownership certificates. These certificates will be provided to any of your customers who have registered a new domain, renewed an existing one, or updated their domain’s WHOIS information. The […]

Hepsia Control Panel usage alerts

Resource usage alerts in the Control Panel are now enabled

Hepsia Control Panel

As a website owner, it is important to keep track of your server’s resource usage to ensure that your site is running smoothly and efficiently. By tracking used and available server resources, you can better plan for the future needs of your website. To help with this, we are excited to announce that we have […]

Redis database

Our web hosting platform now supports Redis databases

Latest News

We are excited to announce that we have enabled Redis database support on our web hosting platform. By enabling Redis support, we are giving our users the option to use Redis as a database for their web services. This can greatly improve the performance and scalability of their apps, especially for applications that require real-time […]

Dedicated servers with extra billing cycles and exclusive discounts

Dedicated Servers

At Exclusive Hosting, we believe that we can always offer you something better! Our new deal regarding the most powerful service that we offer – the dedicated servers, is here to stay! Today an exclusive offer was permanently added to our store – the all-new 3- and 6-month billing cycles that come with fantastic discounts for each […]

Semi-dedicated hosting - 30-day free trial

Semi-dedicated servers now support a 30-day Free Trial option

Web Hosting

Join us at Exclusive Hosting and take advantage of the brand new Free Trial option available for the semi-dedicated servers that we offer. It gives you the unique opportunity to test our services carefully without having to purchase anything or submit any kind of credit card/PayPal account details in advance. Similarly to our web hosting packages, […]