Semi-dedicated hosting - 30-day free trial

Semi-dedicated servers now support a 30-day Free Trial option

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Join us at Exclusive Hosting and take advantage of the brand new Free Trial option available for the semi-dedicated servers that we offer. It gives you the unique opportunity to test our services carefully without having to purchase anything or submit any kind of credit card/PayPal account details in advance.

Similarly to our web hosting packages, now you can test our semi-dedicated servers for a period of 30 days and then decide whether to join us or not.

Thanks to the flawless quality of our services and the regular updates of our advanced web hosting platform, we believe that you will subscribe soon after that.

Why semi-dedicated servers?

The semi-dedicated servers were added to Exclusive Hosting’s platform almost seven years ago.

They were designed to meet the requirements of those of you who need more resources than a shared web hosting account could possibly offer, however not as much as offered by our powerful dedicated servers. Many hundreds of you have migrated to the semi-dedicated server plans from their regular web hosting accounts.

Since at Exclusive Hosting, we often upgrade our semi-dedicated servers, currently you can take advantage of an almost dedicated server hosting experience for all of your sites. All this, at a price a little higher than what you need to pay for a standard shared hosting account.

Switching to a semi-dedicated server is a piece of cake – you can do this with a single click from the Exclusive Hosting Control Panel. You can also easily subscribe for a semi-dedicated server plan at signup.

Here are some of the advantages of our semi-dedicated servers when compared to the standard shared hosting plans:

Improved performance – your semi-dedicated server will be shared just between you and several other people, so it can offer you up to five times more performance-critical resources than a shared hosting account.

You can use a considerable amount of the server’s CPU and take advantage of multiple simultaneous database queries.

Have a look at our semi-dedicated server plans. They both allow you to run busy websites and complex applications, while handling countless concurrent database requests. Use them for your online forum or web store:

Semi-dedicated servers - CPU quotas

What is more, both of these configurations bring you all of the performance benefits of our cloud hosting platform. Such as: SSD drives, ZFS LZ4-based data compression and many others. This way, your multimedia websites and/or complex applications will always work flawlessly.

Guaranteed security – in difference between the shared hosting accounts, when you use a semi-dedicated server for your websites and/or applications, you can rest assured that no other user’s activity can possibly have an impact on the overall stability of your server. You’ll also be able to take advantage of our multiple security improvements such as the ModSecurity anti-hack firewall, the ability to control the outgoing connections, our various anti-virus protection enhancements, etc.

A fully managed server solution – the main goal of our growing Exclusive Hosting team is to make your hosting experience hassle-free. Considering the fact that the semi-dedicated servers that we offer are also shared servers in nature, we will handle their monitoring and management for free, the way we do with the shared hosting accounts. What’s more, we will run maintenance on a regular basis, to make sure your server always has the most recent software/hardware and security updates.

Ease of use – managing your semi-dedicated server is almost identical to managing a shared hosting account. There are no complex admin consoles to log into and you’ll not be required to install and configure a server OS or any other software. Our in-house built Control Panel, comes standard with each semi-dedicated server solution and it will allow you to manage your sites and applications with ease.

A 30-day Free Trial option for semi-dedicated server users

Exclusive Hosting’s incomparable 30-day free trial semi-dedicated server option gives you the chance to fully test each of our semi-dedicated server solutions without any commitment!

We’ve been on the hosting market for a long time and the amount of people who trust us to host their sites and applications is steadily growing. We work hard and we know that you will appreciate the quality of our services. That’s why we give you the chance to test them for as long as 30 days, prior to subscribing for any of them.

Similarly to the shared hosting account registration, if you’d like to use our semi-dedicated servers, you’ll be asked to create an account on the order page. Then, you’ll be sent to our thank-you page where you’ll be asked to set your password. Following this, you’ll be redirected to the Control Panel where you’ll be able to choose whether to directly purchase one of our semi-dedicated server packages or take advantage of the Free Trial period instead.

You’ll not be required to fill in any credit card/PayPal information if you choose the Free Trial. Of course, you can complete the signup procedure and submit such details any time you like during the 30-day free trial option or later.

NOTE: For your convenience, we will store all of your hosted data for another 30 days after the Free Trial period expires. After theеse 30 extra days, your data will be deleted.