Certificates for domain ownership

Certificates for domain ownership are now being distributed

Domain Names

We have always placed a high priority on creating a positive brand environment.

Today, we are excited to announce a new addition tо our brand: domain ownership certificates.

These certificates will be provided to any of your customers who have registered a new domain, renewed an existing one, or updated their domain’s WHOIS information.

The domain ownership certificates are still relatively unknown in the hosting industry, which will give you a competitive advantage.

What do the domain ownership certificates entail?

Their main purpose is to visually confirm the ownership of a domain name.

Each registrant will receive a professionally designed certificate, even if their associated website is not yet live.

These certificates can be printed, framed, and displayed in the registrant’s office or other location.

Each certificate will include the following details:

-The name of the domain owner;

-The domain name that has been registered or renewed;

-The length of time the domain is valid for;

In addition to the information listed above, we will also include the name of the hosting store where the domain was obtained.

By including the hosting store’s name on the certificate, every time your customer glances at their certificate, they will not only see the expiration date of the domain but also your brand name, which will stay in their memory for a long time.

Additionally, to promote our Whois protection service, we have added a small, subtle notice on the bottom right corner of each certificate indicating whether the private WHOIS data associated with the domain is protected or not.

We have designed multiple certificate templates to ensure that your stores maintain their individual appearance.

When are the domain certificates distributed?

There are three situations in which a domain ownership certificate can be issued:

Upon registering a new domain name: each of your customers who successfully registers a new domain name will receive a certificate recognizing the registration.

Upon renewing a domain: the certificate will be re-issued with the updated expiration date and minor text modifications once the domain is renewed.

By doing this, your clients will have a certificate that is always current and shows the status of their domain name.

A WHOIS update – As soon as a registrant updates their WHOIS information, a new certificate reflecting the change will be provided.

If a customer renews their domain or updates their WHOIS information, they can throw away their previous domain ownership certificate because a new one will be issued. The domain ownership certificates will be sent to the email address listed in the registrant’s WHOIS record.

Currently, domain ownership certificates are only sent to customers via email and cannot be viewed in the Hepsia Control Panel.

What are the upcoming intentions for the domain ownership certificates?

However, in the near future, we plan to make them accessible within the Hepsia Control Panel, so customers can download the certificate whenever they need.

Additionally, we plan to begin offering certificates for completed domain transfers. However, due to the complexity of the domain transfer process, these certificates will be introduced at a later time.