Let’s Encrypt SSLs enabled on our hosting platform

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Nowadays, having an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate on your website is highly recommended. Apart from increasing security, the HTTPS encryption on your site, provided by SSL certificates, also acts as a search engine ranking factor for your site. Moreover, popular browsers have started marking non-HTTPS pages as insecure in a visible-to-the-user manner. Meanwhile, a […]

DNSSEC enabled on our web hosting platform

DNSSEC enabled for domain names on our hosting platform

Domain Names

The Domain Name System (DNS) translates the easy-to-remember domain names into numerical IP addresses. Since the DNS exists for more than three decades (1983), it has gradually become a subject to domain hijacking practices. The DNSSEC technology was developed to take care of this and minimize the cases of domain hijacking. We proudly welcome this […]

Dedicated servers with extra billing cycles and exclusive discounts

Dedicated Servers

At Exclusive Hosting, we believe that we can always offer you something better! Our new deal regarding the most powerful service that we offer – the dedicated servers, is here to stay! Today an exclusive offer was permanently added to our store – the all-new 3- and 6-month billing cycles that come with fantastic discounts for each […]

Semi-dedicated hosting - 30-day free trial

Semi-dedicated servers now support a 30-day Free Trial option

Web Hosting

Join us at Exclusive Hosting and take advantage of the brand new Free Trial option available for the semi-dedicated servers that we offer. It gives you the unique opportunity to test our services carefully without having to purchase anything or submit any kind of credit card/PayPal account details in advance. Similarly to our web hosting packages, […]