CPU Core(s)
Disk Space
Monthly Traffic

Our guarantees

1-hour Activation

99.9% Network Uptime

24/7/365 Tech Support

Website Migration

Full Root Access (excl. Hepsia)

No Setup Fees

Free Features (with the Hepsia CP)

  • VPN Traffic (5GB)
  • Dropbox Backups
  • the ModSecurity Firewall
  • Memcached/Redis/Varnish/Node.js
  • the InnoDB Storage Engine
  • PHP & Python Management
  • Background Processes Management
  • Version Control Systems (Git, SVN)


SSD-based Storage

Each OpenVZ VPS comes equipped with SSD drives, which guarantee faster I/O request processing and a much-improved overall server performance.

Faster Speeds

OpenVZ-based VPS configurations offer a near-native, bare-metal performance. Due to the fact that OpenVZ lacks the overhead of a true hypervisor, OpenVZ-powered VPSs are remarkably fast.

Low Administration Fees

The OpenVZ virtualization technology involves kernel and file system utilization, which allows for lower server administration fees.

A Smooth Migration

The OpenVZ technology allows for a smooth, no-downtime, live migration between hardware nodes to balance the load.

No Swap Partitioning

We do not utilize swap space in any form. Thus, you can count on enjoying blazing-fast RAM speeds at all times.

Real RAM Shares

The RAM resources are dedicated to you exclusively and your VPS can utilize them at all times.

Administration Services

Administration Services

We have a team of administrators who are monitoring the server network 24/7/365 to make sure that your OpenVZ VPS is operating in a perfect environment. However, if you need help managing the server itself, you may take advantage of our Managed Services package and request it at signup or from your Control Panel at a later time:

Installation & Troubleshooting (60min) - $62.00

Managed Services Package: - $16.00

  • Weekly OS Updates
  • Monitoring & Rebooting Procedures
  • Installation & Troubleshooting Tasks (30 min.)

Control Panel

Our point-and-click Control Panel is compatible with all Linux instances and is included in your VPS package for free. It allows you to manage all your sites and emails from one place and offers features you will barely find with another provider, among them:

  • A drag-and-drop File Manager
  • Advanced tools (an .htaccess Manager, a Cron Job Manager, etc.)
  • Browsable daily backups, Dropbox backups, G+ backups
  • Web accelerators (Memcached, Redis, Varnish, etc.)
  • Comprehensive traffic/CPU stats
Explore Control Panel
Control Panel

Data Centers

You can pick a data center facility for your OpenVZ VPS choosing from among 5 different locations on 3 continents:

SteadFast Data Center

SteadFast Data Centerin Chicago, United States

Pulsant Data Center

Pulsant Data Centerin London, United Kingdom

Amaze Data Center

Amaze Data Centerin Sydney, Australia

Ficolo Data Center

Ficolo Data Centerin Pori, Finland

S3C Data Center

S3C Data Centerin Sofia, Bulgaria

OPENVZ VPS Hosting From Exclusive Hosting

Our SSD-equipped OpenVZ servers are configured in such a way as to overdeliver. Each VPS comes with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. Yours will be set up in an instant and backed up on a weekly basis - for extra peace of mind.

And if, at any moment, you feel that your current server is not powerful enough and that you need more resources, you can move to a more powerful package with just a few clicks.

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