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TLDs with Whois Privacy Protection: .biz, .com, .net, .org, .info, .cc, .co,, .me, .tv, .club, .company, .deals, .guru, .family, .news, .ninja, .party, .site, .space, .services, .solutions, .top, .website, and .xyz

Whois Privacy Protection is the right service for anyone who wants to keep their personal information away from the public eye. By default, your WHOIS information must be publicly available and completely accurate. This means that you will have to list your personal or business information online and make it visible to everyone.

With the Whois Privacy Protection service offered by Exclusive Hosting, you can rest assured that your private information is safe and sound and that no one will ever see it.

Whois Privacy Protection

A user-friendly Domain Manager

Our Domain Manager offers you a user-friendly interface for managing your domain names. It's designed to be simple, yet effective, and offers you all the features that you may need in one single place. You can manage multiple domain names at once and modify your WHOIS details with a click. You will also have full control over all your DNS records.

Plus, from the Domain Manager you can quickly redirect your domain names, park them and even get an SSL certificate for your website.

A user-friendly Domain Manager

Multi-Domain Management

Multi-Domain Management

When you have several domain names, managing them from a single location can be a challenge. With our Domain Manager, you can manage several domains from one place. You can update your WHOIS info, change your DNS settings, assign different domain labels and more.

And if you also have a cloud hosting account with us, you will be able to manage both your domain names and your websites from the very same Control Panel.

Whois Privacy Protection - Eligible TLDs

We offer Whois Privacy Protection for most of our domain names. Whois Privacy Protection eligibility depends on the different entities responsible for administering each given TLD at the highest level. Here is a list of the domain names that are currently Whois Privacy Protection-eligible: