Dedicated servers with extra billing cycles and exclusive discounts

Dedicated Servers

At Exclusive Hosting, we believe that we can always offer you something better!

Our new deal regarding the most powerful service that we offer – the dedicated servers, is here to stay!

Today an exclusive offer was permanently added to our store – the all-new 3- and 6-month billing cycles that come with fantastic discounts for each of the dedicated server plans.

New billing cycles for our dedicated servers

A lot of innovations have taken place at Exclusive Hosting lately.

Just a few months ago, we improved the hardware of the existing setups and added 8 brand new configurations.

Until today, just a regular monthly payment period was available for our powerful dedicated server plans.

Now, we’re proud to introduce the 3- and 6-month billing cycles in addition to the standard monthly payment option.

The dedicated server table was just updated with the new billing period options.

Take a look at the new billing period selector which is neatly positioned, above the three different dedicated server tables (for servers equipped with Atom, AMD and Xeon processors):

Dedicated servers - billing cycles discounts

Thanks to this addition, now you can easily choose between the three billing periods and compare them.

NOTE:The aforementioned newly-implemented design features will be available for each of the WordPress themes within a few days.

How much are the new dedicated server discounts?

Running your own dedicated server is more affordable than ever, as each of the new billing periods features an attractive discount.

If you subscribe for our new 3-month billing cycle, you’ll get 10% discount off each dedicated server plan’s monthly fee.

If you decide to subscribe for the 6-month billing cycle, you will get the astonishing 20% off the monthly price.

Because of the newly-integrated billing selector option, you can quickly browse through our dedicated server plans and choose the one that suits you best.

When you subscribe for one of the new 3- or 6-month billing periods and the period expires, you can renew your subscription for the same period of time and take advantage of the same attractive discount.

You can also select a different period or the standard monthly billing.