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Having a fast website is very important for achieving higher rankings on search engines. This is why performance optimization has become a top priority for the IT industry.

The demand for faster load times has led to the creation of Phalcon, a framework that provides a new way to improve website performance.

You can learn more about Phalcon, its benefits for your online projects and how to use it on our web hosting platform.

Here is a brief history of Phalcon:

Phalcon is an open-source PHP web application framework that was first released in 2012. It is licensed under the BSD License and was created by Andrés Gutiérrez, who wanted to develop a new speed-focused PHP web app framework. The framework was named Phalcon because falcons are known for their speed.

Phalcon is different from most PHP frameworks because it was designed to be a web server extension. It is based on the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern and is written in Zephir and C.

Since its first release, the Phalcon development team has continued to improve the framework by adding new features that improve its performance. One such feature is the Volt template engine.

On July 29, 2016, the first long-term support (LTS) release of Phalcon was introduced, which included support for PHP 7. This is the latest stable version of the framework. The development team plans to continue using SemVer (Semantic Versioning) in the future.

Here are the main benefits of using Phalcon:

Phalcon has quickly become a popular choice among developers for its exceptional speed as a PHP framework.

It has gained a reputation for being the fastest PHP framework available due to its efficient architecture and continuous improvements.

Phalcon is designed as a web server extension, which offers a revolutionary performance optimization compared to traditional stand-alone PHP frameworks.

The following are the key reasons why Phalcon is the preferred solution for web projects that prioritize speed:

  1. Faster execution speeds – Phalcon’s innovative coding concept allows it to process more HTTP requests per second compared to similar frameworks written primarily in PHP. This results in significantly lower execution times.

  2. Reduced resource usage – Phalcon is designed to minimize CPU and memory consumption.

  3. Improved website performance – With lower execution and load times, Phalcon can accelerate your website’s overall performance. This, in turn, can improve your search engine rankings and increase click-through rates.

Enabling Phalcon for your projects

To activate Phalcon for your projects, you need to take a different approach than you would with regular PHP frameworks. It requires root access to the server to enable Phalcon and make use of its performance benefits.

We have designed a Phalcon-friendly environment on our platform that makes it simpler for you to utilize Phalcon’s speed-focused capabilities.

To activate Phalcon for your projects, you can navigate to the PHP Settings section of your Control Panel, where you can turn on Phalcon and enhance your website’s speed.

It’s important to note that Phalcon is compatible with all PHP versions starting from 5.5 and above.