Domain Transfer Certificates

Certificates for transferring ownership of domains can now be obtained

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When we made a public announcement about the issuance of domain ownership certificates earlier this month, we informed that the availability of certificates for transferring domain ownership would follow shortly.

After conducting thorough testing for a duration of two weeks, we are excited to inform you that from today onwards, every time your domain name is transferred successfully, you and your customers will receive a corresponding certificate.

Regarding the new domain transfer certificates, what is their purpose?

The domain transfer certificates will have a similar appearance to the domain ownership certificates and will contain the name of the domain owner, the name of the store where the transfer was made and a notification, if the transferred domain is not WHOIS-protected.

These certificates will serve as clear evidence that the transfer has been completed successfully.

In addition, they will notify the domain owner of the registration and expiry dates associated with the domain.

What was the reason for the two-week delay?

The domain transfer certificates were delayed by two weeks due to the complexity of the domain transfer process.

Our system needed to be modified to accommodate the various registry-specific requirements.

During the past two weeks, our QA team worked diligently to address any bugs and problems.

However, we have encountered potential issues with certain ccTLDs, including .BE, .JP, .CN, .CH, .SE and .US.

As a result, support for these ccTLDs will be added at a later time.

Upcoming strategies regarding the domain ownership certificates

We are currently redesigning the Hepsia Control Panel.

We also plan to enable the latest domain ownership certificates to be accessed directly from within the Control Panel.

This will allow your customers to download the certificates whenever they wish.