New Version Of The Hepsia Control Panel

The recently updated Hepsia Control Panel has been officially released

Hepsia Control Panel

The Hepsia Control Panel’s latest edition, which was in beta mode for several months, has now been officially released to our partners and their clients.

You and your clients can enjoy a completely revamped dashboard with an attractive design and an easier-to-use interface for project management.

Discover more about the updated Hepsia Control Panel and the advantages of its new appearance and functionality.

What was the reason for the new Hepsia revamp to be developed?

Sometimes, it’s necessary to change your point of view to fully utilize what you already have. This is what motivated us to undertake the Hepsia revamp project.

In addition to adopting current UI styles, our aim was to ensure that users have the most user-friendly experience possible when managing their websites and email.

The Hepsia Control Panel serves as the primary interface for your clients to interact with your web hosting and domain name registration services.

That’s why we aimed to redesign the Hepsia dashboard with a more user-friendly appearance that emphasizes the most important features and functionalities, making it easier for users to navigate and manage their projects.

It took us over a year to develop and test the interface in order to strike the right balance between ease of use and technical complexity. Your feedback and that of your customers was invaluable in guiding us along the way.

When we released the beta version of the new Hepsia in early 2018, we made sure to take into account all of the feedback and opinions provided by you and your customers.

The result of our collaborative efforts is a Control Panel solution that is entirely user-focused, with intuitive organization that can help you differentiate yourself in the competitive web hosting market.

A refreshed design for the Hepsia dashboard

The updated Hepsia dashboard complements its well-established visual style with a sleek and modern appearance.

The previously separate sidebar boxes have been combined into a single element to provide a more cohesive view.

The main body of the dashboard has been completely reorganized to create a more user-friendly experience with easier access to frequently-used controls for site and email management.

The selection of icons has been streamlined and now includes only the most commonly-used ones.

To enhance the visual presentation of your site’s activity, we have made improvements to the appearance of the Statistics section.

We have added a summary of invoices issued to each customer underneath it, allowing them to easily view their purchase history whenever they access the Control Panel.

We have redesigned the header area to create a more streamlined display of the various options available there.

You may observe that the Visit Store link has been relocated to the right-hand side to provide additional room for your store’s logo.

Furthermore, the Inbox has been divided into two sections, making it simpler to keep track of the most recent news and system notifications.

We have enhanced the visibility of the theme and language settings to provide users with easier control.

The Help icon is now more readily accessible, allowing users to access Hepsia’s newly reorganized Help Center with a single click.

Clicking on their name will display a list of all the options previously found in the My Account section of the old Control Panel.

Users now have the ability to update their account details, change their password, manage their wallet, and handle recurring contracts with a single click.

For added convenience, social media login, feedback, and logout options have also been included in this section.

The Hepsia revamp now includes a fully responsive design, replacing the previous mobile version

This update provides users with flawless access to their hosting/domain management dashboard from any device.

The framework is designed to adjust seamlessly to various devices, ensuring that users can access the Control Panel without any inconvenience on their PC or mobile phone. This means that even when using a tablet or mobile phone, users can easily access an additional sidebar through the ‘Usage’ tab located on the left side.

The Hepsia Control Panel has undergone significant improvements in its back-end framework to align the appearance with the user experience. To ensure a smoother experience, we conducted various tests with the File and Email Managers, which are among the most frequently used areas of the Control Panel.

As a result, users can now perform various file management operations and manage their mailboxes much more efficiently and quickly than before.

The Help Center of the Hepsia Control Panel has been completely reorganized based on feedback from customers and users over the years, as well as the latest UI patterns. The aim is to provide a quicker path for users to find solutions to their specific problems.

By clicking on the Help Center link in the top right corner, users will be directed to a page with a collection of helpful articles and tutorials to provide practical solutions.

To make things easier, a search bar has been added so that the user can search for a solution to their problem.

Additionally, we have provided a compilation of articles that would be useful for beginners and highlighted the most frequently accessed help articles on our platform.

If the user clicks on a particular category, they will be able to view all the available help topics and also have the option to search for a specific issue in case the list is too lengthy.

If the user is unable to find a solution or answer to their question or issue, they can simply click on the ‘Open a new ticket’ button located at the bottom of the list to request assistance.

Beginning today, both you and your customers will be automatically directed to the new edition of the Hepsia Control Panel. However, a link to the previous version will still be accessible for those who require additional time to adjust to the new appearance and layout of the dashboard.