Web Base SSH Enabled

Our web hosting platform now features web-based SSH functionality

Hepsia Control Panel

SSH serves as a network protocol that enables proficient users to directly interact with a server. This grants web hosting clients direct server access, enhancing their resource management efficiency. With the newly introduced web-based SSH functionality on our platform, users can now access a server through their web browser, eliminating the need for a conventional SSH client.

To delve into SSH’s benefits, it establishes a secure connection between computers. This typically involves an SSH client connecting to an SSH server on another computer, allowing users to remotely execute commands. In the context of web hosting, SSH empowers users to directly access their server-based projects and perform various actions. For instance, users can use SSH commands to list files on their project’s server.

Web-based SSH, as the name suggests, enables users to bypass traditional SSH clients and utilize their preferred web browsers to connect to a server. This communication is facilitated through an intermediary web application server. Messages between the browser and SSH server are transmitted via JavaScript and dynamic HTML, displayed in the user’s browser.

Key advantages of web-based SSH include:

  1. Ease of Access: No software download or installation is needed; users can access SSH servers through their web browsers as long as they have access to the Control Panel.
  2. Anonymity: SSH access is routed through an intermediary web application server, concealing the client’s actual IP address.
  3. Auditability: Communication between the browser and SSH server can be logged, preventing malicious clients from deleting user activity logs.

Our platform has seamlessly integrated web-based SSH into the Web Hosting Control Panel. Due to the recently introduced web-based SSH functionality, users on our platform now have the capability to access a server through their browser, eliminating the need for a traditional SSH client.. Users can initiate a connection with the SSH server by clicking the Web SSH icon in the dashboard’s header area. This connection is automatically established through a background script, negating the need for login details.

The user is then presented with a terminal-like interface in their browser. When commands are entered, the script responsible for the secure connection conveys the inputs to the server, which executes them and returns the results. The script captures these results and displays them on the terminal interface.

Users can choose between browsing the Control Panel or viewing the terminal in full. To conclude a session, they can close the terminal or download a log file using the provided options. Notably, the web-based SSH feature is available to all web hosting plans with SSH included or as an upgrade.

In summary, web-based SSH combines the SSH protocol’s server access capabilities with the convenience of web browsers. It’s a versatile feature accessible from various devices and locations, enhancing the user experience of the Web Hosting Control Panel.